1. The last Meat and Greet of the year! Come out to happy hour and let the members of AFHC pour you heavy handed, sloppy drinks! Sausages by Frank! Draft Specials! Belching Competition! Canned Food Drive benefitting Caritas! Discount cards from Floyds 99 and random acts of kindness for everyone!!! Meet the Santas of the future!!!



    Most Needed Items for Charity Drive:
    Cooking oil
    Canned chicken and salmon
    Canned fruit cocktail and pears
    Canned chili and soups
    H-E-B  and Walmart gift cards
    Other Food Items: 
    Canned mixed vegetables
    Shelf-stable milk
    Peanut butter
    Beef stew
    Macaroni and cheese
    Ramen Noodles
    Canned ravioli 
    10lb bags of rice
    Reusable grocery bags
    Other Hygiene Items:
    Toilet Paper
    Bath soap
    2/21/14 Friday
    4:00 Welcome Dinner at Mickelthwait Craft Meats
    Address: 1309 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702
    They open at 4:30, BYOB.

    Pub Crawl
    8pm - HandleBar for beers from Founder's brewery
    9pm - Pub Crawl check-in @ HandleBar
    9:15pm - Pub Crawl leaves Handlebar and heads to The Grackle. Pub Crawl begins!
    9:30pm/12:15am - Pub Crawl!!!
    12am/12:30am - Pub Crawl ends at Shangri-la

    There will be an unofficial pub crawl also, for people that do not want to or cannot pay. Basically this version will start at Handlebar also at 8pm, but then not ride the bus to the other bars, and instead walk down “dirty 6th” towards the Grackle to meet up.

    Keep an eye on each other. Austin is generally safe compared to Major cities, but this is the area and time of night where people like to “get in trouble”. Don’t let our people wander around alone, especially if they are inebriated.

    Check out the full schedule HERE.

  3. The 8th Annual Austin Beard and Moustache competition is coming up on Feb. 22!!! Hosted by comedy legend Matt Bearden, this is the rowdiest, beer drinkingest, facial hair showdown either side of the Rio Grande. $10 gets you in to watch, $5 more gets you in the line up to compete!! All are welcome!!! Amazing Prizes!!! Fun For All!!!

    912 Red River
    Austin , TX 78799

    Purchase your tickets here.

  4. Tickets now available: 

    Lord Buffalo


    Hired Goons

    Guest DJs  

    It’s a Halloween Party with a cause! You know him, you love him (most of the time), he’s deejayed your wedding, helped you find a job, got your band gigs, let you destroy his house, entertained you with his unbelievable stories...he’s MILETUS! Our little buddy has fallen on some hard times. I won’t go into it too far, but let me just leave you with this little piece of advice: don’t accidentally take a kitchen knife to the airport, cause TSA won’t be too happy about it, and it’ll end up costing around $7500 to keep you out of jail.  

    So to help him out we are doing what he would probably be doing anyways, throwing a kick ass party. It’s gonna be just before Halloween, so wear your sexiest costume. There will also be free beer, liquor, and Miletus’s own blend of Jungle Juice. DJ sets from Gabe Vaughn and Westen Borghesi (Second Sunday Sock Hop and Cold Lampin) and DJ Freedom Rock, as well as the greatest Desert (Dessert?) Psychopomp Rock band (Lord Buffalo), and Austin’s number one Omni-Punk Screemo Metalworking band (Marriage), AND a band that can only be described as "Contact High Five without Jon Chapman" -- Hired Goons.  

    In addition to all this, Miletus in his infinite narcissism has requested an art auction consisting of art solely of his likeness. Please have fun with it. Don’t hold back. Let Allen know if you want to contribute something to the art auction.   Lets have a fucking ball and help out our friend! 

    You can buy tickets here: