Want Be an Offical COin Holder of AFHC?

To become a bearded legend with AFHC, it's pretty simple.

  • Required to attend 3 meetings before you receive your member challenge coin

  • Attend meetings throughout the year

  • Work and help plan various events with the club, includes but not limited to

  • Pay annual member dues - $50

  • Have an open mind. In our club all are welcome. We don't tolerate hate of any kind against any persons.

See pretty simple!

* Dues are annual and will be collected on Jan 1st of each year.

What's in it for YOU?

  • You get a rad Challenge Coin; this coin proves your member status with the club. If someone at a bar is saying they are in the club, throw down your challenge coin, if said person doesn't do the same, they buy you a beer. Even if it truly is a club member, challenge them. They may have forgotten their coin. If other club members are present with their coin and participate in the challenge, they have to buy the whole lot beers.

  • AFCH will pay for select competition entry fees.

  • Want AFHC gear? Well, being a member get's you limited edition gear. Limited addition gear includes, custom designs made for competitions and various events. You'll also get a 30% discount on all merchendise.

  • AFHC also likes to obtain airfare, hotel rooms, and rental cars for various competitions. Being a member allows you to crash in one of the paid hotel rooms and ride in a rental car free of charge or at a reduced price.


* Not all competition journeys will have the luxury of free or reduced price of airfare, hotels, and rental cars. Members may be asked to leave the club by the core members of AFHC for violating the brotherhood. Violations range from, yelling at bartenders to starting fights with other clubs and/or staff of an establishment. Being hateful towards another human (member or non-member) for their sexuality, beliefs or lifestyle. All violations will be put to a vote within the core members. Each violation obtained you'll receive a mark on your coin. Three strikes you’re out rule, so keep your shit together!