Curt Poulton ~ Aka: Sword


St Louis, Missouri. I have also lived in St. Paul, Minn., Colorado Springs, Colo., Heidelberg, Germany, Dallas, San Antonio and have resided in Austin, Texas since 1993.


TXRD Roller derby, Texas Stars hockey (season ticket holder), almost any kind of motorsports. Scuba diving, and cigars. I also consider myself a pretty good cook. I guess my greatest passion is live shows and concerts.. I estimate I have attended approximately 500 concerts.
I have been in the auto parts business most of my life. Currently I work in the parts department at Covert Cadillac. About 50% of my time is spent programming vehicle control modules for independent repair shops. I love my job and it has taught me a lot about the latest automotive technology.

I am excited about recently joining the AFHC and can't wait to contribute and spend time with my new "family!" Thanks for making me feel welcome!