Neil Martin


  • From the Great State of Texas
  • Likes to swagger across the stage at Beard and Mustache Competitions sometimes in costume or with little clothing on...
  • Usually seen around Austin drinking a Lone Star at highfalutin restaurants and shady dive bars alike
  • Happily married to fellow club member Julie "Ceci n'est pas une moustache" Martin


  • 2nd Place, Natural Mustache, 2016 Austin Facial Hair Club, Come and Shave It 10, Austin, TX
  • 15th Place, Natural Mustache, 2015 World Beard and Moustache Championships, Leogang, Austria
  • 2nd Place, Natural Mustache 2015  Los Angeles Facial Hair Society BMC Los Angeles, CA
  • 1st Place, Natural Mustache, 2015 Louisiana Beard and Facial Hair Association, Lafayette, LA
  • 1st Place, Natural Mustache, 2015 Houston Facial Hair Club, Houston, TX
  • 3rd Place, Styled Stache, 2015 Houston Facial Hair Club, Houston, TX
  • 2nd Place, Natural Mustache, 2014 Beardcon, Alamo Beard Club, San Antonio, TX
  • A lot of non-placements at a lot of comps - still had fun at all of them!